The crystal oscillator generates mechanical vibration at a fixed frequency through electrical excitation, and the vibration generates current feedback to the circuit. The circuit amplifies the signal after receiving the feedback. The amplified electrical signal is used again to excite the mechanical vibration of the crystal oscillator. The current is fed back to the circuit, and so on.

When the nominal frequency of the excitation electrical signal and the crystal in the circuit are the same, the circuit can output a sine wave with a strong signal and a stable frequency. The shaping circuit turns the sine wave into a square wave and sends it to the digital circuit for its use.

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Why do I need a crystal oscillator in the circuit, do I have to be close to the IC when drawing the pCB?

Can the crystal oscillator work alone?

The answer is conceivable. It is rejected. The crystal's output capability is limited. It only outputs electrical energy in milliwatts. In the IC (Integrated Circuit), this signal can be used normally by amplifying this signal by hundreds or even thousands of times through an amplifier. So further explained that the normal operation of the crystal oscillator is inseparable from the IC.

How wide is the use of crystal

70% of electronic products will use our crystal oscillator. It is now an era of electronic technology, so it is conceivable that the scope of use of crystal oscillator is wide, should there be a concept? Specifically, whether it is electronic products around us, including mobile phones, keyboards, mice, stereos, computer hosts, computers, telephones, Bluetooth headsets, remote controls, smart air conditioners, smart bracelets, smart necklaces, smart underwear and other consumer products Our products extend to beyond our imagination, such as traffic lights, traffic lights, monitoring equipment, power meters and other security equipment, medical equipment, aerospace equipment, etc. that we cannot touch.

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